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COBRAAnswersTM was created by COBRAGuard®, Inc. to provide in-house COBRA administrators a resource for answering their COBRA-related questions. Our eight years of COBRA administration experience have made us aware of the lack of user-friendly COBRA information materials readily available to the public. With this in mind, and knowing the complexities and nuances of the COBRA law can be very tricky; we decided to compile and offer a collection of COBRA resources to anyone who is interested in making COBRA easy for themselves. Of course, COBRAGuard® is interested in making COBRA administration easy for everyone, as we do with our clients on a daily basis.

COBRAGuard® Inc. was founded in 2001 by Human Resource professionals with an understanding of the costs and complexities related to COBRA administration. COBRAGuard® provides the solution for these problems as an outsourced provider dedicated to COBRA administration services. The COBRAGuard® team is committed to delivering the most accurate automated COBRA administration available from our location just outside of metropolitan Kansas City.

The COBRAGuard team is led by Robert Meyers, CCA, President and CEO. Bob founded COBRAGuard® in 2001 after nearly seven years of Human Resource Outsourcing experience, as well as more than 15 years of sales and consulting. Our innovative, web-based interface allows us to operate with a staff of no more than 25 persons, while our smaller size allows us to offer a personalized service not available in today's market of COBRA administrators.

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